Tuesday Video from Flexible Fit Equestrian: Horse Retirement Heaven

Learning Center: Horse Retirement at Madden Mountain with Beezie Madden

Our horses 🐴 deserve the best retirement after a long career of showing. Learn more about the Madden philosophy on retiring horses in this month's Learning Center video with Beezie Madden / John Madden Sales, Inc Full video👉 https://www.usef.org/learning-center/videos/horse-retirement-at-madden-mountain-with-beezie

Posted by US Equestrian on Monday, December 2, 2019

I’ve decided that when I reach my twilight years, I want to retire at Madden Mountain.

John and Beezie Madden have dedicated their lives to their horses, in training, competition and retirement, so they’ve set up the country’s ritziest residence for horses of advanced age in Cazenovia, New York. Here, horses “go back to nature” as Beezie says, living outside full time in a herd dynamic, while also enjoying a barn designed by John Madden. Enjoy these clips of horses quite literally living their best lives.

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