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The rabbit hole I disappeared into yesterday.

Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole of searching through your horse’s family tree to find available relatives still racing? Presuming your horse is a JC registered TB, you can really get in the weeds finding half sibs, 3/4 sibs, similar looking horses by the same sire, and of course pestering the farm who stands the stallion if they’ll offer frozen semen doses. Spoiler alert: it’s live cover only.

National Holiday: World Environment Day

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Your Wednesday News & Notes

Have you ever heard of a disqualification being overturned well after the fact? The very rare occurrence happened at the CCI4*-S at Poland, which ran in early April, when Romanian eventer Viorel Bubau was disqualified for having boots that were longer than 20 cm in the stadium round. Not only did officials take photos of the incorrect boots, mistakenly documenting Viorel’s cross-country boots instead of his stadium, the rule in question did not even apply to eventing. [FEI Rule Disqualification Overturned]

In times of wet weather, everyone needs to do their best to stay civil. Last year was Area II and IV that saw torrential downpours and multiple cancellations; this year Area V has already had two events cancelled and another abandoned for the UL. In the age of social media, it’s all too easy to let frustrations boil over. [Show Cancellations and Refunds]

Would you ever get in an unmarked van in a pub parking lot in hopes of seeing a potential 5* horse? Feena Machin did exactly that, going with a stranger who overheard her conversation in an Irish pub on a horse search. The result was a horse later dubbed ‘Chance Remark’, whom Willa Newton competed up through five-star for Feena, and is now retiring. [Chance Remark Retired]

Attwood Wisdom of the Week: 

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#tuesdaytipday If your additive comes in bales that need to be mixed into the footing, chances are more than good that it will not be consistent. You will have pockets where there is more fiber, and spaces that there is very little. Safe footing is consistent with just enough grip, just enough glide, so your horse can move comfortably. Wondering what’s in your ring? Give us a call. . . #ringenvymuch #hunterjumper #horses #equestrian #jumper #dressage #showjumping #equitation #hunter #equestrianlife #equine #jumping #horselover #thoroughbredsofinstagram #attwoodequestriansurfaces #trainonthebest #safety #performance #innovation #goldstandard #footingnerds #horsehour #horsechathour

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