Wednesday News & Notes from Ecovet

Photo via Lauren Kieffer Eventing on Instagram.

Recognize this famous face? Snooze Alarm was Lauren Nicholson’s (née Kieffer) first five-star partner and is also a half-brother to her current upper level partner, Vermiculus. Looks like “Maggot” is enjoying his retirement with a bit of spa time!

National Holiday: Great news, fellow quarantiners! Today is No Housework Day. You heard it here first. Sorry, can’t help you out with the remaining 364 days in the year.

News & Notes:

Managing horses during unprecedented times such as these presents a unique set of challenges. Kentucky Equine Research has some advice on managing horses that are not working or seeing a decrease in workload. [Management Strategies for Out of Work Horses]

An eventer goes to Africa. Phyllis Dawson wrote about her trip to Africa last year in the latest Windchase Eventing blog. Take a trip to the other side of the globe and relive the adventure — perfect downtime reading material! [Windchase Goes to Africa]

Try some groundwork to pass the time and learn a new skill. Tik Maynard is one of the most popular sources of horsemanship knowledge for riders of any discipline. Find out what tools you’ll need to get started and work on connecting on a deeper level with your horse. [How to Choose the Right Groundwork Equipment for You]

Want to support the campaign for more frangible technology in eventing? Jamie McAllister created this t-shirt as a way to spread awareness and raise more funds for frangible fences. Shop here: Support Your Sport T-Shirt

Wednesday Video: Your daily dose of equestrian ASMR.

Balade a cheval sur la plage de Vauville 🐴

L i b e r t é ❤️.Vidéo de Alexis Lemonnier prise il y a plusieurs semaines ! . .En cette période difficile nous allons continuer à poster des photos et vidéos prises ces dernières semaines pour illuminer un peu notre quotidien ✨. Prenez soin de vous et restez chez vous ! #restezchezvous

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