Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

One of the most exciting parts of being a part of the Strides for Equality Equestrians (SEE) team is having the opportunity and privilege to work with a group of likeminded, individually talented people who want to work towards a main goal. It’s been such an honor to have a role with SEE, and I’m really excited to share the newly-launched Resource Directory that my colleagues have worked endlessly on for the past few months.

An opportunity that came up during SEE’s strategy and impact planning was the absence of a “hub” for access programs and nonprofits aiming to bring horses to underserved populations. I would be remiss not to mention the Black Equestrians Network, which has established itself as a veritable equestrian “green book” to empower, uplift and highlight Black equestrians worldwide. It’s our hope at SEE that by providing another resource for aspiring equestrians, we may help bridge the gap and welcome more riders into our community.

You can check out the SEE Resource Directory – which is still growing! – here, and if you’re a part of a nonprofit, access program, or otherwise have a business that would be a good fit to list on the Directory, please email [email protected].

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Ocala International Festival of Eventing: [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer]

F.E.N.C.E. H.T.: [Website] [Entries]

Holly Hill H.T.: [Website] [Entries] [Show Photographer]

Longleaf Pine H.T.: [Website] [Entries] [Show Photographer] [Volunteer]

Sporting Days Farm April III H.T.: [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Show Photographer] [Volunteer]

Unionville H.T.: [Website] [Entries] [Show Photographer] [Volunteer]

Wednesday News and Notes:

Have you shopped EN’s 2nd Annual Virtual Village yet?New deals are dropping daily through this Saturday, April 17, and there are some really great discounts available that you won’t want to miss out on. Click here to shop today’s deals.

As we are full steam ahead into Kentucky next week, we’re looking forward to bringing you our famous EN coverage in a whole new way. Early next week, we’ll be launching the first-ever EN Ultimate Form Guide to Kentucky, available as a download for a small fee. We’re also launching the LRK3DE Daily Digest (click here to sign up – it’s free!), a daily email sent out early each morning during competition full of coverage links, predictions, giveaways/contests, and more. Finally, it’s a great time to become an EN Patreon supporter – we’ll be doing some exclusive content in our private Facebook group just for Patrons all week long.

Allison Springer is a new barn owner! The veteran five-star rider (who we’ll also see in Kentucky next week with Business Ben) sat down with SmartPak for a Q&A about the buying process – click here to read.

When Christina Curiale packed her bags to move from British Columbia to North Carolina to work for Will Faudree, she planned to stay for a year. Well, it’s been nine now and she still has yet to leave – a true sign that she found her home in Will’s program. Read more about her grooming (and life) journey here.

“It’s just dust.” It’s a common sight to see hay bales a bit dusty after unloading or sitting in the hay loft for a few weeks. But that dust can be wildly damaging to a horse’s sensitive respiratory system. This case study from Haygain explores the improvement seen in some miniature horses after implementing hay steaming to alleviate coughing.

Wednesday Video Break: As we look ahead to the postponed 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, it’s bound to be hot hot hot. And even if you aren’t an Olympic rider, the heat and humidity in the summer can be difficult to navigate. This video might help: