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I know I harp on about Strides for Equality Equestrians way too much (I think it’s my neverending FOMO of all the cool things the Ever So Sweet Scholarship recipients get to do), but this post was just too great to share. I think one of the best things about getting any sort of opportunity in this industry is the potential for making lasting connections. Sara Kozumplik has been the coach for the Ever So Sweet Scholarship (which is currently accepting applications for this Fall/Winter!) for three cycles now, and it’s great to see the ongoing mentorship and friendship that continues between previous recipients Helen Casteel and Sierra Lesny. Can I join the club yet?

U.S. Weekend Preview

The Event at Rebecca Farm (Kalispell, MT): [Website] [Entries/Times/Scoring] [Volunteer] [Live Stream] [EN’s Coverage] [EN’s Instagram]

Course Brook Farm Summer H.T. (Sherborn, MA): [Website] [Entry Status] [Scoring] [Volunteer]

Full Moon Farms Aloha H.T. (Finksburg, MD): [Website] [Entry Status] [Volunteer]

Silverwood Farm Summer H.T. (Camp Lake, WI): [Website] [Scoring]

Wednesday News & Reading

The Summer Olympics in Los Angeles may be 6 years away, but that doesn’t stop me from being unhealthily excited (despite the fact that — don’t hate me — LA might be one of my least favorite places in California) for #LA28. This week, the IOC announced that the 2028 Olympics would be held July 14-30. While we won’t have official news on venues until closer to the Games, we can say with some certainty that equestrian sports will be held at the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Center to the northwest of Los Angeles-proper.

Get to know the horses and riders competing at Rebecca Farm this weekend! It’s a competitive field across the board and we have a healthy contingent of East coast-based horses ready to hit the Montana ground running. Check out the USEA’s Fast Facts here.

We can actually learn a lot about human anxiety from equine behavior. Governing primarily based on a “fight or flight” response as prey animals, horses elicit much of the same mannerisms and behaviors during a flight or fear response as we humans do when experiencing anxiety. So, is there knowledge to be gleaned from working with horses that can then be transferred to treating anxiety? This interesting read from Psychology Today dives right in to that question.

It’s (really) the final week to enter our 9th Blogger Contest! We can’t wait to dive in to decide our first round finalists, and if you want to add your name to the pile click here to view the entry post!

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We are less than 60 days out from #Pratoni2022 — can you even??