Wednesday News & Notes from SmartPak

Courtney Cooper knows it takes a village. Photo via Courtney Cooper’s FB page.

Like Courtney Cooper’s barn, the working students at my barn are absolutely the lifeblood of my trainer’s operation, keeping things flowing smoothly on a daily basis. Being a working student is a tough job, for those with grit and tenacity, with long days and lonely days off. So thank the ladies and gents who know the ins and outs of your horse better than you!

National Holiday: Backwards Day

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National Holiday: National Peanut Butter Day

Your Wednesday News & Notes:

The USEA trophy for Adult Amateur of the Year is named in honor of Col. Allen D. Smith. Col. Smith was an avid amateur who chaired Area V in the 90s and was serving his second term on the USEA Board of Governers when he suddenly passed away at age 64. The award for our nation’s highest ranking amateur honors his legacy to the sport. [Trophy Tales]

Be extraordinarily careful when working around horses while they are still on the trailer. British eventer Anna Cheney was bandaging her horse on the trailer to stay out of poor weather before traveling home when the young horse panicked. Anna suffered some broken bones but is expected to make a full recovery due to the fact that she was still wearing her helmet when the incident occurred. [Horsebox Accident]

The Meyerhoffs stress the importance of a variety of footings. Eventer Bobby Meyerhoff and his wife, jumper-rider Danica, stress that mixing up the types of surfaces the horses ride on can be more beneficial in the long run to keeping the horses sound. A variety of surfaces puts the stress on different portions of the leg, instead of pounding on the same structures day after day. [Change Your Footing]

Best of the Blogs: A Hollywood Story

SmartPak Product of the Day: I know it seems warm-ish out there right now in some parts of the country but don’t worry…winter isn’t over yet! If you’re stuck in a cold or snowy climate for the next couple of months, think about some pants to go over your breeches and boots to keep you dry and warm. [SmartPak]