Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Create an Expressive Trot

Funnily enough, the trot is always the gait I’ve struggled with the most in the ring. Maybe that’s because I’ve mostly competed full or nearly full Thoroughbreds, all of which have had brilliant canters, which I’ve found it so easy to adjust and train within, only to move back down into the trot work and find the connection falls apart. My method of working through it has been to use the canter work to set up the balance and contact for the trot work, but dressage rider and trainer Amelia Newcomb has lots of other ideas for you to try (and frankly, I’d take her advice over mine!). Check out this great video and put her lessons to use in your schooling sessions this week to create a real ‘wow’ trot that doesn’t skimp on balance or suppleness.


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Check out this KPP article: Vitamin E and the Performance Horse – A Winning Combination.

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