Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: 10 Useful Items You Need in the Barn

We all know that when it comes to balancing a riding, work, family and social life, efficiency is paramount. Sometimes making small investments in products and tools to help you work smarter and not harder makes a big difference. Elisa Wallace compiled her 10 favorite handy-dandy items to have in the barn that help make her days run smoother whether she’s doing chores, riding or competing. She’s got some great ideas so snag your shopping list and listen up!


Allergies driving your horse crazy?

Try Contribute omega-3 fatty acid supplement!

  • Supports reduced inflammation and mitigates allergic reactions
  • Recommended for horses challenged by:
  • COPD (heaves)
  • Seasonal coughing
  • Skin allergies, including seasonal pruritus (sweet itch).

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