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Finally got the okay to ride a race with my gopro! Here it is! 6th race at Tampa Bay Downs #2 Go Hippo Go finished 3rd at 30-1.

Posted by Ashley Castrenze on Friday, January 19, 2018

We’ve lost count of how many cross country helmet cams we’ve watched, but we’ve never seen a helmet cam like this before! Jockey Ashley Castrenze strapped on a GoPro for a recent race at Tampa Bay Downs in Florida, giving us a first person view of what it’s like to look between a horse’s ears on the racetrack.

Ride along with Ashley and Raroma Stables’ Go Hippo Go (Mizzen Mast – At First Speight, by Speightstown) from the paddock to the gate and all the way down the stretch to a third place finish (at 30-1 odds!). According to Ashley’s Twitter account, this won’t be the last race cam we see!


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