Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: A Winter Whoopsie

What a remarkably quiet December this is so far. Sans the usual excitement of indoor cross-country derbies around the world, it’s free to be a festive smorgasbord of advent calendars, hot booze, and softening waistlines – and let’s be real, it really is what we all deserve as a reward for making it to the tail end of 2020.

But even though the indoor derbies are off the table this winter, I’ve still been enjoying going back through the archives and rewatching some of my favourite moments from these fast and furious competitions. And so I stumbled upon a forgotten classic: arguably 2016’s save of the year, it features a very nimble Falk-Filip-Finn Westerich somehow dismounting and remounting Giaccomo YSK in the Stuttgart Indoor Derby without ever touching the ground. Is it great watching? Absolutely. Does it inspire me to stop stuffing Quality Street into my mouth by the fistful and try to mimic his athleticism? Not even a little bit.

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