Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Aachen’s Weird, Wonderful Opening Ceremony

Last night saw CHIO Aachen 2022 — also known as the World Equestrian Festival — get underway officially, with a grand, slightly chaotic, occasionally fully weird opening ceremony and party. Though the CHIO has already technically been running for a few days with some jumping classes and vaulting, too, it’s now definitely kicked up a notch in the competition stakes at the German venue. We’ll be bringing you plenty of content from the show this week, with a venue walk-through on our Instagram stories and highlights now and lots more to come, but first, let’s relive the best bits of the opening ceremony, including the retirement of Isabell Werth’s Bella Rose, lots of ponies, the most terrifying inflatable horses you’ll ever see, a hobby horse army, a German rockstar, pyrotechnics, and much, much more (though we recommend turning on translated captions if you want to understand what’s going on!). Welcome to the horse world’s ultimate fever dream.


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