Wednesday Video From Kentucky Performance Products: An Awesome History of Badminton

With Rolex in our rearview, it is now with great anticipation that we look forward to Badminton, which begins next week. One of the ways that I fell in love with Eventing as a young’un was watching old Badminton and Burghley VHS tapes, and loving every minute of it. There’s something so alluring about those crazy old jumps, the mud slides (the spills associated with them) and the catty horses that figured it all out. This year, Badminton will be holding their 65th annual competition, and there is no better way to prepare than to check out these old reels of past competitors. Bonus: you get to see Captain Mark Phillips fall off in the water, crawl out, and lie down on his back in the middle of the course, only to lift his legs in the air to empty water from his boots!

KPP EN600x100-FW3

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