Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: At Home with Team Sweden

Ever wondered who the coaches behind some of eventing’s global teams are? In this new video from FEITV, you’ll meet Fred Bergendorff, chef d’equipe of the Swedish team and undeniable provider of eye candy at major events all over Europe.

Though many of Sweden’s riders have made waves on the world stage, the team is something of a work-in-progress – but they’re swiftly gaining on the leading nations, bagging a qualification for Tokyo, a Nations Cup series win, and a European Championships bronze medal in 2019. Now, even with the spectre of coronavirus looming overhead, they continue to go from strength to strength – thanks to some savvy adaptability and an awful lot of Zoom calls.

With both the Olympics and the European Championships on their schedule for the year ahead, could we be on the cusp of watching the great Swedish takeover?

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