Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Banish Back Pain

How are we feeling, folks? Tired, I expect — the past 24 hours have been an emotional rollercoaster and the ride isn’t over yet. Add to that the off-season blues and the impending second lockdown, and it’s safe to assume the vibes are at a low ebb.

I thought about trying to fix you all with cute foals or similar; honestly, I did. But actually, I always find that giving yourself something to sink your teeth into is a better way to channel the varying stresses and anxieties of life. And so I refer you to strength and conditioning coach — and rider rehab pro — Coach Sando, who heads up this roundtable discussion on how to tackle and prevent lower back pain. It’s no secret that we all have the spines of 75-year-olds by the time we hit our mid-twenties, so this is likely to be a big help to many of you — and I suggest letting it spur on a commitment to strength and fitness this winter. You’ll be so grateful you did when you next leave the start box.

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