Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Connie Pride with Allie Sacksen

There are some horses that just capture all our hearts collectively as they skip around the top-level events, and Allie Sacksen‘s late, great Sparrow’s Nio was one of those wonderful unifiers. Small, tough, and determined, he made everything about his job look like jolly good fun, and we’d be lying to you if we said we hadn’t been daydreaming about a Connemara pony of our own since then.

“Nio took me places that I could never have dreamed of as a little girl, not because he was the biggest or fanciest horse but because he truly loved what he did and always tried his hardest for me. If you want a heart horse, a Connemara will give you all they have and even a little more,” says Allie in conversation with US Equestrian, who’ve rereleased this video of Nio’s 2019 Kentucky round for us all to get inspired by all over again.

Go eventing, and Go Ponies!

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