Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Designing for the Stars

No matter where in the world you’re from, if you’re a certified Horse Girl™ (a term I think of as being resolutely gender non-specific, actually), you’ve got the same weird and wonderful blood in your veins that unites you with our global herd. For 13-year-old Juna, home is Slovenia — but her love for horses and equestrian sport has already taken her far. She won the FEI’s My Dream Jump art challenge when her design was chosen for the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Final in Omaha, setting into motion a seriously cool adventure that threw her into the heart of the action and the orbit of her idols. Follow along with her journey, and find out how she came up with her winning idea, in this short feature. Keep on doing great things, Juna – we’d love to see you design a cross-country fence next!

ProbioticWise® — Supports a return to normal gut function

Free fecal water syndrome (FFWS) is easily recognizable by the watery fecal matter that runs out of the horse when they poop. The majority of the manure in the bowel movement is normally formed, and the watery portion runs out either before, during, or after the movement. In the most of cases of FFWS the horse is otherwise normal, and the cause is hard to pinpoint. FFWS is different than diarrhea. When a horse has diarrhea the entire bowel movement is watery, and diarrhea is often accompanied by other symptoms of illness.

As anyone who has dealt with this syndrome knows, the watery substance makes a mess all over the horse’s hindquarters and can even cause skin irritation in severe cases. FFWS has many causes but regardless of the cause ProbioticWise can help restore normal gut function and reduce dirty butts and skin irritation. Ask your Vet if ProbioticWise is right for your horse.

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