Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Disproving the Ridiculous Assumption That ‘Horses Do All the Work’

We’ve ALL heard it countless times from non-riders: “Riding isn’t a sport.” “Riding isn’t good exercise.” And the most annoying: “You just sit there while the horse does all the work.”

It’s fairly useless trying to explain to these people the intricate difficulties of maintaining your balance and a steady hand while applying various leg and seat aids. Not to mention the core strength needed for sitting trot, the cardio workout you get on cross country or the endurance required to chuck a month’s worth of hay bales. So most of us simply roll our eyes, scoff or ignore the comments all together. But not everybody.

One young man’s “friends” just couldn’t let his comments go. When he declared, “Riding is not a sport. You’re just sitting on top of it and the horse does everything alone” they decided to show him just how painfully wrong he was and threw him up on a longe line for the horse world’s great amusement.

While we would prefer to see the newbie jockey with heeled shoes and some chaps or jeans (ouch!) we are glad to see he is wearing a helmet and that he is mounted on a quiet, patient, absolute saint of a horse.

Do we feel bad for finding such humor in this young man’s pain and embarrassment? Not really. We hope it was a good learning experience for him and he gained some respect for the sport and all its athletes, both two-legged and four! Who knows? Maybe since this video was posted he thought he give riding another try.


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