Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Doug Payne Tryon CCI3*-L Helmet Cam + Analysis

What an incredible innovation helmet cams are — not JUST for entertainment value, but for education and reflection as well. Granted, my short-term memory doesn’t function as well as it used to, but many times coming off cross country I feel like I’ve just experienced a several-moment blur. Not really helpful for self-improvement! With a helmet cam, though, one can ride and re-ride their course ad infinitum, allowing for critical analysis: What went well? What could have gone better? How can we improve upon our performance next time?

Doug Payne might be an athlete but, lest you forget, he also has a mechanical engineering degree and a brain built for critical thinking. He’s done helmet cam analysis voice-overs in the past, but mostly around four- and five-star competitions, so Quiberon’s CCI3*-L round at Tryon International is an enlightening departure: “I thought this might be of more interest and potentially more informative to head out on a greener horse.”

Quiberon (“Harry”) is a 7-year-old stallion Doug has had since a weanling and Tryon International was his first CCI3*-L. Doug’s goal was to give him an educational rather than competitive ride, just going as fast as Harry felt confident at, and they jumped clear with 16.4 time penalties. With a dressage score of 32.4 and zero show jump penalties, they finished seventh in the division.


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