Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Elisa Wallace Hits a Career Best

As riders, we’re all in constant competition with ourselves – can we nail those marginal gains and be more accurate, more expressive, and closer to something like perfect with every outing? Of course, we all know true perfection doesn’t exist in equestrian sport, and that’s part of the reason why it’s both so frustrating and so ceaselessly motivating. There’s quite literally always room for improvement.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all shout from the damn rooftops when we hit a personal best milestone in our riding. And that’s just what Elisa Wallace did in the Intermediate at Rocking Horse, where she and Riot Gear earned her a career-best score of 17.1 (yes, it’s okay if you, like me, cry with happiness any time you make it into the 20s) and her first-ever 10. We love to see it. Check out her test – with an educational voiceover from Elisa herself – to nab some of her secrets to getting the job done on the day.

Go Eventing!

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