Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Eventers of the FEI’s ‘Top Moments of 2018’ Countdown

The FEI has just today concluded its “Top Moments of 2018” countdown, and naturally eventers accounted for a few bright spots on the list!

No. 3 in the top 20 countdown went to Ros Canter’s breakthrough performance at the 2018 Tryon World Equestrian Games. The British eventer celebrated two pinnacle successes at the games, not only clinching eventing team gold but also the individual world title.

The No. 12 spot belonged to French wunderkind Victor Levecque, who put in a brilliant performance at the FEI European Championships for Children, Young Riders and Juniors, and was also named the Longines Rising Star of the Year at the FEI Awards Gala.

And no. 15 drew from the new FEI Eventing Nations Cup series, where the overall competition came down to the wire between the French and the British at the final in Boekelo, with a victory for the British in the end.

Here are links to the full countdown:

#1. Team USA Jumping wins gold on home soil at Tryon 2018
#2. The Dressage maestro of 2018: Isabell Werth
#3. Double-success for Ros Canter at Tryon 2018
#4. Beezie Madden wins her 2nd Jumping World Cup title
#5. Simone Blum claims gold and becomes Best Athlete 2018
#6 & #7. Unstoppable Boyd Exell & 1st Dutch title in Para-Dressage
#8. Bernard Fonck becomes 1st European Reining Champion at Tryon 2018
#9. Belgium wins the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup
#10. Giacomo Casadei Jumping success at the Youth Olympics
#11 & #12. Eventing’s Rising Star & 1st Vaulting gold for Italy
#13. Ladies rule the Para-Dressage at WEG 2018
#14 & 15. Vaulting Gold Medals & Eventing Show Down
#16 & 17. Mexico wins the Aga Khan Trophy & USA becomes Driving Champion
#18. Laura Graves breaks 80% mark in Paris
#19 & #20. Daniel Bachmann Andersen’s & Christian Ahlmann’s winning moments

Go Eventing.

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