Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: FEI Launches #BeOne WEG Campaign

Man, my dream job would be some sort of PR/marketing position with the FEI. I can see myself sitting a board table, at their headquarters in Switzerland, hemming and hawing over hashtags. While eating a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich. (Back off! This is MY fantasy, of course it involves cheese, leave me alone!)

In advance of the 2016 Rio Olympics, the FEI think-tank came up with the heartwarming #TwoHearts campaign. And now, with WEG on the horizon, a new hashtag has been born: #BeOne.

“We are very pleased to launch our BeOne campaign today as the excitement really kicks off in the countdown to the FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon this September,” says FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez. “When you look at equestrian sport, which is intense and emotive, our sport thrives on passion, not only from our athletes but our fans, this campaign will clearly showcase the diversity of our disciplines and will demonstrate that it really all comes down to one partnership and one sporting effort. A true celebration of the sport and as for the Games, there’s really is no event quite like it!”

Equestrian fans, athletes and teams from across the globe will come together to celebrate the sport — as one. We will #BeOne and stand proud as a global community united by sport and horsemanship as we honor the unrivaled bond between horse and human.

We ask equestrian fans to come together and show their love of the sport at one of the biggest events in the world. It’s the chance to celebrate everything that makes equestrianism one of the most loved sports worldwide.

It’s time to be passionate.

Be epic. Be free. Be united. Be fearless. Be spectacular. Be victorious. Be one.


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