Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Fight the Fear with British Eventer Simon Grieve

I’d be willing to bet that every eventer at every level has suffered a confidence wobble at some point — whether that’s a short-lived and specific fear of a certain kind of fence (hi, my name is Tilly, and I DREADED trakehners for years) or a more deeply-rooted, expansive loss of confidence that requires a more tactical rebuilding. It’s not level specific, either, though I think those of us who just event one or two horses alongside busy lives and jobs are probably more likely to suffer from the kind of confidence knock that makes us feel as though we plateau at a certain level, purely because we aren’t riding from sun-up ’til sundown and pushing through it as a result.

Anyway, whatever the root cause of the issue, it’s very common — and British vlogger Tina Wallace certainly found that she’d hit a mental stumbling block with her horse, Banksy. Recently, though, she found a way to work through her fears about bigger, rider frightener fences, all thanks to the coaching prowess of five-star competitor Simon Grieve. Give her vlog a watch to find out how they tackled those nerves.


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