Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Get Ready to Event with Ashley Harrison

The week before you compete, what do you do with your horse? Do you drill that dressage test until it’s perfect? Squeeze in a jump and some final fitness work? Or keep it low key and let your horse hack out? Or is it a bit of all of the above? These essential last few days have always felt a bit like a no man’s land to me – which is why I found it so helpful to get some sage advice on tailoring my plan to my horse and learning to work with the natural ebb and flow of her workload for optimal results and the happiest horse possible. This vlog from the FEI, in conjunction with 4* eventer Ashley Harrison, will give you all sorts of similarly helpful insights and help you make a plan of action that you can rely on, all season long. Happy eventing!


Vet Recommended for Active Seniors

In this modern era, horses are living and performing well into their twenties and thirties. The maintenance of ample lubrication and durable articular surfaces within the joints is necessary to ensure long-term soundness and exceptional performance. Horses of all ages can benefit from the support of JointWise, a complete joint supplement.


  • Maintains a balanced immune response within the joint, decreasing damaging inflammation and the development of osteoarthritis
  • Preserves fluid motion and flexibility
  • Supplies the building blocks necessary to support normal cartilage growth and the regeneration of damaged tissues
  • Sustains ample high-quality synovial fluid, which lubricates and nourishes the joints

The horse that matters to you matters to us®. 

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