Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Go Eventing (in Germany!)

My favourite helmet cam videos are the ones that almost feel like travel blogs – that is, they take me eventing in a far-off land (or, at the very least, across a country border or two). The latest in my digital tourism exploits comes from Germany’s Juliane Barth, also known as Julia Eventer, who’s a real tour de force in German eventing media and vlogs her own exploits with her two horses, too. This super helmet cam video from Hamburg, taken aboard young horse Casper, doesn’t involve any German commentary, so there’s no stress if you’re not fluent in the language, but it does include a pair of very happy ears, a seriously fun looking course, and a bunch of fascinating on-screen performance data that shows the chances in pace that occur throughout a course, shown in both kilometres per hour and meters per minute. It’s enormously interesting stuff, and you’ll want to steal Casper, too!

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