Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Hasta la Vista To All This, Baby

It seems remarkable, really, that we’ve somehow made it to New Year’s Eve-Eve – not quite unscathed, mind you, but still standing, ready to catch our breath and clean out a bit of the road rash. But yet here we are, on the precipice of 2021; a year that can’t make any promises just yet, but which we hope, quietly and ferociously, might turn the tide for us all and crack a window or two to let the sunbeams of hope trickle back in.

Mind you, there’s more than 24 hours to go before we can really hit our stride and wax lyrical about what’s to come (though we daren’t say a single ‘this is going to be my year, I can feel it!’ and we don’t really recommend ‘new year, new me’ either) and this is primo hide-under-the-duvet-and-pretend-it’s-not-happening calendar real estate. Sudden snowstorms? Never heard of her! Brexit? If he was walking down the street, I wouldn’t recognise him. Sorry to that man. A bit of juicy escapism to some sunny, far-off clime, wherein we can channel the giddy glee of riding for one’s country? SIGN. ME. UP.

And so today we head to Spain with young British showjumper Joe Stockdale – son of the late, great Tim – as he brings us along for a rather spiffing Nations Cup adventure. All the thrill of the real thing, sans the terrifying risk of transatlantic travel. Cheers to that, Joe!

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