Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: James Koford and Adiah HP Get In the Groove at USDF Freestyle Champs

Put on your dancing shoes and get down to this jazzy freestyle by James Koford and Adiah HP. For the second consecutive year, they won the Grand Prix open freestyle championship at the U.S. Dressage Finals in Kentucky last weekend (they also won the Grand Prix open championship). Their freestyle music was a last-minute change, but you wouldn’t have known it as Sherry Koella’s 11-year-old Fresian mare grooved around the arena. In fact, the tune was an homage to Adiah’s owner, who once made her living as a magician and performed to this very music!

“I am so pumped! She’s getting so mature – now she goes in the ring and gets excited, but I can channel that energy,” James said. “I saw her in a clinic four years ago and thought she was the most fun horse I’d ever seen, and I had to sit on her. Now she’s gone on to do everything I’ve asked and more. She’s like my dirt bike: I just get to run around and have fun, without stress or drama. It just gives me goosebumps because it’s so much fun to get on a horse like this that loves to go in the show ring.”

And here’s a fun fact: James is a former eventer who ran around Kentucky twice. Check out this incredibly entertaining recollection of that experience in an interview with James from the EN archives.

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