Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Maya Black’s Bromont CCI3* Helmet Cam

Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair secured a fifth place finish in the CCI3* at Bromont last weekend, and she’s just uploaded her helmet cam for our viewing pleasure. She posted the video with this comment:

Cody’s latest helmet cam, this time from Bromont, Quebec in the CCI3* last weekend. I’m so lucky, he’s pretty much the perfect pony. And while he did get tired, we just slowed up a bit at the end- he was so straight and honest and he makes it so much fun- I feel a little guilty I have such a nice horse all to myself- but I guess I’m learning to say the NO word after all! He recovered quickly and jumped super again the next day for show jumping. With such wonderful owners as Jon and Dawn Dofelmier I can’t wait to see what will come next. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments and support- I love hearing from all of you and many hugs to everyone far away- I miss you guys!

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