Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: More Eventing from a Drone’s Perspective

Alec Thayer has been busy honing his drone flying skills this spring. With a passion for finding new ways to capture the sport, Alec recruited Laine Asher and Sheila Wolff’s Jolly Good Sport as his test subjects.

Using his drone, Alec is able to capture eventing from a whole new angle in the air. While he’s still working out the details, it’s nonetheless a cool technology to witness. Laine has remarked that Jolly Good Sport is truly living up to his name with the drone experimentation, as he is unfazed by the strange flying object following him around.

Check out Alec’s latest video, complete with synchronized helmet cam footage from Laine on the ground above — the first mishap with the tree is not the end of the video, but those pesky trees won in the end!

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