Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: New Zealand’s Least Scary Haka

The haka is a tradition of the Māori people of New Zealand. Essentially, it is a war cry performed before battle that is meant to both intimidate opponents and boost the morale of the tribe. The haka today has morphed into a performance to symbolize unity and strengthen the bonds of a community.

New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team performs a traditional haka before every game. It’s intense, passionate, a little scary and weirdly attractive in a primal ‘these guys could definitely protect me and my stuff’ sort of way. Rugby players are no wimps, but the bulging muscles and psychotic expressions of the All Blacks probably don’t leave their opponents with a warm, fuzzy feeling about the upcoming game.

Badass, right?

We’d now like to share with you another haka out of New Zealand. Introducing the Kiwi WEG team. Take it away, boys.

Preparing to welcome our guests this evening 🤣 #practicemakesperfect #weg2018 #teamspirit

Posted by Jonelle Price Event Rider on Sunday, September 9, 2018

I can’t say their haka gets us shaking in our boots, but we know the New Zealand team is one to beat on horseback so, point taken. Go Eventing.


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