Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Ride Rolex with Laine Ashker

We’re still nursing our Rolex hangovers, and there are still blogs, videos, photos, and many other ways to keep that hangover going this week. Laine Ashker completed Rolex this weekend with her OTTB, Anthony Patch, and her fans will be pleased to know that she was also wearing her helmet cam on cross country.

While it may not have been the “selfie-cam” announcer John Kyle predicted, we still get a great look at the course from her point of view. The camera became a bit dislodged after a couple hard jumps, but you can see see a neat perspective on a big and demanding course.

It’s really touching to see the few moments before Laine leaves the start box, where she gets a “good luck and have fun” from coach Buck Davidson and an “Al, take her safe, son,” from her mother, Valerie. We dare you not to get a little choked up at that part!

If you want another view of the course from “between the ears,” be sure to check out Rolex Rookie Elisa Wallace’s helmet cam here.

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