Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: RNS Video ‘Event Magazine’ Is a Time Capsule

The RNS Video Media archives are a wild and wonderful place, and they recently released a “video magazine” series from WAY back in the day featuring footage from long lost events like North Georgia and Trojan Ranch. The list of cameos goes on and on: Lisa Sabo, Bea & Derek DiGrazia, Jack LeGoff, Vicky Koss, Linda Waltenspiel, David Wilding Davies, Nick Holmes-Smith, Irja Solner, Pam Newell, John Staples, Lisa & Jon Tatham, Mike Huber, Therese Washstock, Michael Godfrey, Jamie Walton, Courtnay Ramsay, Missy Rasenhouse, Bruce Davidson, Tom Wilson, Captain Mark Phillips, Jim Graham, Karen “Lende” O’Connor, Nancy Guyotte, Grant Shneidman, Karen Reuter, Jane Sleeper, Jiffy Read, Anne Dorsey, Nini Stevenson, Trish Gilbert, Kelli McMullen, Lisa Anderson, Karen Stives … I could recite names for another five minutes but I’m already out of breath.

One memorable moment is an interview with Jimmy Wofford, in which he is asked about what the future holds. “The future of eventing is good,” he said. “It’s a growth sport. There are more and more people getting into it right now. There are a lot of things they like about it — it’s not a political scene like some of the show ring sports that they’ve been in. There’s a lot more excitement. People are outdoors, it’s a very risk oriented group of people.”

Keep these time capsules coming, please, RNS Video Media! Subscribe to their YouTube channel here, and be sure to support them by ordering your videos at events.

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