Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: #RoadtoRolex13

Practical Horseman is compiling an excellent video playlist on their YouTube channel, called #RoadtoRolex13, and they’ve interviewed several US riders heading to Kentucky in just a short while about things like┬ásuperstitions prior to getting on, preparations for specific horses, and personalities of different mounts. You can hear Buck Davidson tell you that Park Trader and he share a┬ámischievous attitude around the barn (the key to their partnership?) or Jennie Brannigan share that she usually tunes out and listens to rap prior to getting on her horses for Dressage. I’ve really enjoyed perusing through the various video interviews, and so I’ve decided to share two with you today.

Coach DOC on horses and riders to watch at Rolex:


Jennie on her preparations for her first CCI4* with Cambalda:

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