Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: ‘Round the World Eventing

One of the things that fascinates me the most is cross-country courses at venues I’ve never been to — and even better, in countries whose eventing scene I’ve never explored. The weekend just gone saw a jam-packed global fixture list, and among the dates in the diary was the Danish event Kalundborg, which hosted classes from one-star through three-star. Immediately, my mind began to construct a slew of possibilities: did the food stands sell pastries and pickled herring? Is everything just a bit more inexplicably cozy? And are the Danes really the happiest people in the world?

I’m not sure any of those questions have been answered by stumbling upon this helmet cam from the CCI2*-S, which follows Maja Hach and her sweet horse Birkegaardens Beyoncé, who finished fifth on their dressage score of 31.6, but it does rather give me the idea that I’d quite like to take my own horse on a little trip to the rolling fields of Denmark. My favourite thing about this video? The fact that, no matter what language we speak, we’re all united by the delighted praise we heap upon our horses as we tackle a course together.

Gå til eventing!

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