Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: South Peace Helmet Cam

Take a spin around the Preliminary course with Jessica Kerschbaumer and her Thoroughbred mare Like A Girl at a very muddy South Peace Horse Trials earlier this month in Grand Prairie, Alberta. “Twig,” an 8-year-old Canadian Thoroughbred mare (Desktop X Toppers Happy), added 4 cross country time penalties to finish sixth in her division.

We are longtime fans of Jessica’s helmet cams, both because she is a fantastic horsewoman and also because she is always analyzing her rides looking for ways to improve. “We all have those runs we wish we could do over,” she says, “and no one is perfect all the time, especially not me, so hopefully instead of being critical we can all sympathize with those moments and learn from them and move forward.”

Well said, Jessica! Shout out to the organizers at South Peace for enduring heavy rains at their event. (I’d love to have some of that rain in the Pennsylvania area and surrounding states right now. With not a drop of rain in the forecast and unseasonably warm temperatures, we are set to have a very dry Morven Park this weekend!)

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