Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Take a Spin ‘Round Two Tryon Tracks

The Fork at Tryon is one of those courses I’d love to ride, almost entirely because I remember so well the thrill of sitting in the Blenheim press office during the 2018 WEG, attempting to keep my mind on something like sensible reporting but actually just staring, beady-eyed, at the TV we had the live-stream on the whole time. Apologies to everyone if I didn’t write anything worth reading that week. Championships are very exciting, okay?

I might never get the chance to actually ride around Tryon (unless someone wants to offer me a catch ride, hi, yes please, thank you), but thanks to two intrepid riders, I’m at least able to live vicariously. These great, slightly soggy, hatcam videos give you, too, the chance to cruise ’round the CCI2*-L on Jennarose Ortmeyer’s delightful Primrose, with her sweet purple ears, and around the Beginner Novice course with Melissa Coates and the very sweet First Drink, who strikes me as the sort of kind angel that everyone deserves to have at some point in their career.

Okay, no, even despite the vicarious riding, I still want to tackle the unique terrain of this almost golf course-esque track. Please. A catch ride. I beg.

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As anyone who has dealt with this syndrome knows, the watery substance makes a mess all over the horse’s hindquarters and can even cause skin irritation in severe cases. FFWS has many causes but regardless of the cause ProbioticWise can help restore normal gut function and reduce dirty butts and skin irritation. Ask your Vet if ProbioticWise is right for your horse.

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