Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Case for Strange Music on Cross-Country

Anyone who watched the Strzegom live feed over the weekend will know exactly what I mean when I say that song choice is really, really important when it comes to showcasing our sport at its bold, ballsy best. Our wacky Polish pals decided to dispense with that wisdom and set the jumping phases to an oddly hallucinatory cocktail of hold music, elevator slow-jams, and the kind of soundtrack you’d expect in a Starbucks circa 2000. Or, as several commenters glibly put it, “it sounds like a funeral.” But the wildly inappropriate music really came into its own not when things were going right, but when things went spectacularly wrong – like when a horse decided to ‘nope’ straight out the side door of a technical combination while some heavily-anaesthetised Muzak puttered along over the top. Truly, the comedy value was unparalleled. Relive it for yourself here.

The whole experience got me thinking about the long and inexplicable history of wholly uninspiring music being used to soundtrack cross-country. That’s when I remembered this clip from the official Olympic YouTube channel, a wonderful channel that does rather seem to specialise in ‘inspiring’ (read: incorrect) music choices. It’s not quite Strzegom’s death march, but it is a fantastic opportunity to relieve Team USA’s glorious week at the ’84 LA Olympics. And honestly, I’ll take any excuse for an Olympic throwback.

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