Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Great Grays of Rocking Horse

From silver dapples to coats the color of freshly fallen snow, the grays were out in force at Rocking Horse Spring H.T. over the weekend, dominating several of the upper-level leaderboards.

Many thanks to “The Horse Pesterer” David Frechette for the videos!

Allie Knowles and Casarino won the Open Intermediate-A division, adding just 1.6 cross country time penalty to their dressage score of 27.1. Allie and the 12-year-old Holsteiner gelding (Cassaro x Rosy M, by Cardino) have had a string of successful three-star (former FEI two-star level) outings, collecting a 2nd, two 3rds and a 4th in their last four international starts.

Alex Green and Fernhill Allure finished 2nd in the Open Prelim-A division on their dressage score of 30.2. The 11-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare (Chakoa x Molly’s Diamondstrike) belongs to Alex’s best friend Dani Busbee, who has had super results with her through the Intermediate level. Dani is getting ready to welcome a baby girl into the world in June — congrats, Dani and Timothy!!! — and gave Alex the ride while she’s sidelined.

Alex reports that the mare is good at everything she does. “Competitive dressage scores, clean show jumping rounds, not to mention she is one of the best cross country horses I have had the opportunity to sit on … don’t forget bath time, trailer loading, clipping and mane pulling … anything and everything she is about as perfect as they come. She has been beautifully produced by Dani and is a joy to ride everyday. Dani is currently expecting and therefore the mare is for sale but come August the story may very well change.”

As in, Alex might just not give the mare back? They do seem to be getting on quite well together!

Leslie Law and First Class, an 8-year-old Oldenburg gelding (Furstenball x Laguna, by Lortino), led the Open Intermediate-B dressage and show jumping, only to get jostled into 2nd by another grey, Jessica Phoenix and Bentley’s Best, when they picked up 7.6 time penalties cross country.

Watch their test, which scored an impressive 26.6:

We’re always excited to cheer for Lila Gendal, who was a longtime blogger for EN. After scoring a 31.1 in dressage and turning in a clear show jumping round, she and Arctic Tiger headed into cross country in a three-way tie for first! None of the three had any penalties so the winner was decided by closest proximity to optimum time. Lila had the fastest time of the three, which meant it was the furthest under optimum time, so the pair finished 3rd. So close!

View complete scores from Rocking Horse here. Go Eventing!

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