Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Royal Eventing Legacy

Let me share with you a secret: during lockdown, while most people took up baking sourdough loaves and, I don’t know, writing gratitude journals, I accidentally became a royal correspondent…and not a very good one, either. I was asked to be a talking head on a TV documentary about Zara Tindall and her mother, the great Princess Anne, and frankly, I’ve never even watched the thing, partly because my grown-out lockdown highlights are SO offensive to look at, and partly because I think I waffled earnestly about missed clocks at the WEG more than anything else. I’m even more red-faced to admit I did another one after this (with a home-cut fringe, to make matters even worse). Look, we all had to make money somehow, and Carl Hester also got talked into doing it, okay? Anyway, here’s the sordid proof of the whole thing. Yes, my highlights look better now.

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