Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Spirit of the Classic Format

The Heart of the Carolinas Three-Day Event and Horse Trials at Southern 8ths Farm in Chesterfield, SC has become a destination event for Beginner Novice through Training level eventers and competitors who dream of completing a long-format three-day event. 2016 marked the sixth year of HOTC, and the event welcomed many returning three-day competitors as well as newcomers from around the country, from even as far as New Mexico and Minnesota!

It’s become an honored tradition to have the All Veteran Parachute Team kick off endurance day, jumping out of a plane and landing on the practice steeplechase track in the early morning hours. They stay for the day and volunteer as jump judges and timers on the A, B, and C phases.

Timothy Wood is a photographer and videographer for the group, capturing the jumps and other Parachute Team activities on camera. He was the first to land on the target at Southern 8ths, then we let him loose on cross country to see what he could see.

His photos of smiling riders on course, teams of grooms working hard in the vet box and those quiet moments in the barn paint a wonderful picture of the spirit of the long format. He even managed to snag helmet cam footage of Kendall McNeill and Ringwood Sting on the beautiful roads and tracks trails that wind through the woods and put it all together in this amazing video to commemorate the day.

It is a special treat to have the All Veteran Parachute Team participate in the HOTC Three-Day, bringing eventing’s military roots full circle and raising awareness about the Team’s mission to remember, honor and serve.

Find the All Veteran Parachute Team on Facebook or visit their website to learn more about the important work they do for veterans and their families. Learn more about the HOTC Three-Day at

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