Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Thea the Eventing Guinea Pig

Screenshot from the ESPY Award deserving YouTube video Screenshot from the ESPY Award deserving YouTube video "Thea the Eventing Guinea Pig."

With horse trials popping up on the calendar like the year’s brave first crop of daffodils, full-swing event season feels closer with each passing day — which is music to the ears of those of us who make a living writing about this sport.

Soon, results will be flowing our way like a babbling brook through the woods. Hot-off-the-press event videos will beam forth from YouTube like a rays of sunshine, warming us in their glow. We won’t be able to throw a rock without hitting some up-and-coming horse or rider deserving of a feature story. In short, we here at EN will have stuff to WRITE about.

It’s been a long, cold winter of scraping the bottom of the barrel for content even remotely related to the sport of eventing, but the dog days are coming, friends.

And perhaps, on one of those days when we’re up to our eyeballs in world-class event coverage and sparkling commentary on the sport, we’ll glance in the rear view window. And we’ll remember, fleetingly and with sentimental fondness, those preseason slow-news-days when we were able to post truly amazing filler like THIS:

Go Eventing. And the sooner the better, please.

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