Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Top Eventers Switch Sports (Sort Of)

Behind the Barn 2022: Riders share what other equestrian sport they’d like to try from Kentucky Three-Day Event on Vimeo.

Three cheers to the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, and three more cheers to TerraNova Equestrian Centre, who have sponsored their brilliant Behind the Barn video series in the lead-up to this year’s event. It’s made me laugh (Buck’s horse diving comment!), it’s made me cry (yes, I did have a little weep over riders sharing their favorite Kentucky memories last week, and no, I’m not ashamed), and more than anything, it’s made me so unspeakably excited for this super-special event to re-open its doors – hopefully with an extra arena on the go for eventers playing polo really badly!


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Check out this KPP article: Vitamin E and the Performance Horse – A Winning Combination.

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