Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: ‘We Have Leaf Pit!’

“I could do that Leaf Pit… with a ladder,” said videographer Buzzterbrown of one of Morven Park’s signature cross country fences last weekend.

“I was so excited to see the return of the Leaf Pit and Coffin to Morven Park’s CIC3* and Advanced Horse Trials after last year’s cancellation due to terrible weather,” he said. “Rain on the days leading up to today left the ground too soft for most and more than half scratched; indeed nobody finished the Advanced class.”

The saddest leaderboard ever.

Pretty depressing.

The Leaf Pit has been on Morven’s cross country course, in one form or another, since the beginning. With its roller-coaster terrain and natural ditch, it feels like a real throwback fence and has cost many a rider a good night’s sleep over the years — including but not limited to the jump’s creator, Tremaine Cooper.

“The night before the first time I did it I don’t think I slept a wink,” Tremaine told EN during an interview back in 2011.

Check out EN’s Morven Park coverage here and view complete Morven results here. Go Eventing!

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