Wednesday Videos from Kentucky Performance Products: The Fork FEI Winners

RNS Video has begun uploading their three-phase videos from The Fork, beginning with the three FEI division winners. Watch Molly Tulley and Allie Knowles’ Last Call dominating the CIC* in their second CCI together. Molly and “Fergie” led after show jumping and didn’t look back, and it seems like this pair has a lovely partnership in the works.

Tamie Smith and Alex Ahearn’s Mai Baum also took home a big win in the CIC2*, coming home with the quickest time of the division on cross country to move from fourth into first place. This is a newer partnership for Tamie, and she’s been working hard at forming a partnership with the stunning German Sport Horse gelding. These two will head to Jersey Fresh next month as the next stop on their East Coast campaign as they look to make a mid for the U.S. Pan American Games team.

And finally, Jennie Brannigan and Tim and Nina Gardner’s Cambalda triumphed in the CIC3*, ending their Rolex prep runs on a very high note as they look ahead to Kentucky. We already saw some snippets of their cross country ride courtesy of the Thehorsepesterer, but now you can watch the full trip in this video from RNS.

Many thanks to RNS Video for providing such comprehensive video coverage for so many events. Be sure to check out their YouTube page and keep an eye out for them at your next event!

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