Weekend IG Roundup: Riders of the Storm at Poplar Place January H.T.

The eventers, volunteers and officials at Poplar Place Farm’s first recognized horse trial of 2017 toughed out a soggy weekend, to say the least. Over the weekend severe weather swept through the south, sadly with tragic consequence, and our hearts go out to residents of the region who lost their homes or worse.

While storms did put a hold on Poplar Place’s proceedings, ultimately the show did go on …

… and its diehard competitors managed to find a silver lining in the dark storm clouds.

We show in rain and tornadoes too…. #sleetsnowrain A photo posted by Fernhill EuroStar (@fernhilleurostar) on

See final results here, and cheers to all its finishers! Here’s a roundup of your snapshots from the weekend:

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” – Teddy Roosevelt

A photo posted by Sarah Neath (@elizerbethh) on

Finally a prelim pair! So proud of the incredible performance he put in this weekend. So much love for him. A video posted by Jessie Schwartz (@whfkitaro) on

Rain or shine, Go Eventing.