Weekend Instagram Roundup: Riders of the Storm at Roebke’s Run

From doomsday-style storms to temps in the 90s, Roebke’s Run CCI/CIC and H.T. in Minnesota was a true test of the elements!

Congrats to all competitors, including winners of the FEI divisions: Jacob Fletcher and Bacardi W in the CCI2*; Medigan Murphy and Wildebrandt in the CCI*, Lily Geelan and Luksor in the CIC2*, and Lisa Borgia and Laurelin and in the CIC*. Check out full results here.

Here are a few of your photos from the weekend, starting with a few postcards from the eye of the storm!

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You guys #crazyweather

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Just hanging out in a stall during a thunderstorm ⛈ Stay safe ponies!! #horseshow #unpredictable

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So uhhh this is happening and we are locked in a stall staying safe

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Glad it blew over and everyone stayed safe. And then the sun came out, and all was well!

I love my job

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Proud coach moment!!! Fantastic!! A 10 on the halt and salute!! You’ve earned it Annika! #teamgreen

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Enjoying the sunset with my boy before we run XC tomorrow. #WaywardSon

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Ethel baby getting better and better in the sandbox #ottbsofinstagram #focusishard #adastraeventing

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What a rockstar Today was a true test of the elements #HESeventing #roebkesrun credit: @heather_koch6

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We are game on for that moveup! Training level here we come! #tailswish #WRFInoubliable #WRF #biggerisbetter

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Both horses passed the first horse inspection!

A post shared by Jacob Fletcher (@sugadaddyfletch) on

This horse has my whole heart! #duckingawesome #ottb @canterillinois PC: Pat Schmidt

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Thank you Schweiss family and all the wonderful volunteers for a great show weekend! #tornadosurvivors

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Go Eventing.