Weekend Results Roundup: Red Hills, Southern Pines, Full Gallop


Congrats to Christina McKitrick and Lotte Lenya Q, whose finishing score of 19.3 in Open Training at Southern Pines was the lowest in the country this weekend! Blue looks good on you, lady.

Here’s a random stat: Of the 41 divisions that were run across three events at Red Hills, Southern Pines and Full Gallop this past weekend, 39 of the winning pairs were either 1st or 2nd after dressage. The only two that weren’t were 3rd or 4th after dressage. Do what you will with that, but I interpret the lesson as this: It’s harder now than ever before to jump your way up the scoreboard, so we all best be working our bottoms off on the flat!

I’ve been giving out a shout-out to my favorite horse names of the weekend. This go-round, I’ve got to give it up for T-Rex, ridden by Maya Simmons in Open Novice A at Southern Pines, because it makes me think of this, and dinosaurs playing soccer on horseback just never gets old, does it?

Battle of the surnames! The Fernhills take it this week, with 23 representing across three events: Fernhill Fierce, Fernhill Fifth Avenue, Fernhill Choc, Fernhill Cayenne, Fernhill Tito, Fernhill Choco Royale, Fernhill Flutter, Fernhill Above and Beyond, Fernhill Full Throttle, Fernhill Mystery, Fernhill Wishes, Fernhill Fortitude, Fernhill Singapore, Fernhill Hustler, Trendy Fernhill, The Fernhill Fox, Fernhill Athena, Fernhill Vanguard, Fernhill Copas, Fernhill Feel Happy, Fernhill Valarchin, Fernhill Romeo and Fernhill Bijzonder. The Fredericks Equestrian contingent was coming in hot, though, with eight: FE Capricino, FE Black Ice, FE Always In Time, FE Stormtrooper, FE Charles Owen, FE Mississippi, FE Santos and FE Whole Lotta Rosie. The Cooleys were on the map as well, with five — Cooley Off The Record, Cooley Dream, TKS Cooley, Cooley Cross Border and Cooley Almighty — and 10 Full Gallop Farm horses made a strong showing on their home turf: FGF Little Black Dress, FGF Struck By Luck, FGF Rienzi, FGF Robin Hood, FGF It was all Good, FGF The Badger, FGF Rich Chocolate, FGF Full Gas, FGF Screenplay and FGF Sweetpuddin.

Without further adieu, let’s list off the weekend’s big winners!

Red Hills International CIC & H.T. [Website] [Results]

CIC One Star: Leslie Law & QC First Class (30.5)
CIC Two Star: Jenny Caras & Fernhill Full Throttle (28.5)
CIC Three Star: Marilyn Little & RF Scandalous (36.0)
Advanced: Waylon Roberts & Kelecyn Cognac (45.6)
Open Intermediate: Will Coleman & Cooley Off The Record (27.8)
Open Preliminary: Sara Kozumplik Murphy & Delta Queen (27.1)
Preliminary Rider: Janelle Phaneuf & Strattonstown Lewis (40.5)

Southern Pines H.T. [Website] [Results]

Advanced Combined Test: Ariel Grald & Leamore Master Plan (34.8)
Intermediate Combined Test: Caitlin Silliman & Ally KGO (32.1)
Open Preliminary-A: Kathy Cain & Legal Limit (26.3)
Open Preliminary-B: Will Faudree & Caeleste (22.5)
Preliminary Combined Test: Ariel Grald & GHF Gosling (33.3)
Preliminary Rider: Cassie Plumb & Coco (31.3)
Preliminary Rider Junior: Katherine Christopher & Frodo of the Shire (28.8)
Open Training-A: Christina McKitrick & Lotte Lenya Q (19.3)
Open Training-B: Kelli Temple & Carmella (24.8)
Training Rider-A: Katherine Nolan & Prince of Power (26.4)
Training Rider-B: Mary Clare & Furl the Main (29.3)
Training Rider Junior: Austin Skeens & Rocmaster (30.5)
Novice Rider-A: Liza Bunce & Chancellor (30.2)
Novice Rider-B: Joan Howard & C Me Go (30.7)
Novice Rider Junior: Kaley Crosby & Valentino (23.8)
Open Novice-A: Laine Ashker & Dealin’ Diamonds (28.6)
Open Novice-B: Linden Wiesman & Innisfree (21.7)
Beginner Combined Test: Rena Rhodes & Tucker (33.90)
Beginner Novice Rider: Amy Potts & Southern Sass (29.3)
Beginner Novice Rider Junior: Emily Worth & My Lady Raisa (27.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Kimberly Rushton & Brit’s Party Favor (25.3)

Full Gallop H.T. [Website] [Results]

Intermediate: Sarah Cousins & Christopher (53.9)
Intermediate/Preliminary: Allie Sacksen & Sparrow’s Nio (47.2)
Preliminary-A: Allison Springer & Unbridled Numbers (40.8)
Preliminary-B: Pamela Wiedemann & Made To Order (36.7)
Preliminary/Training: Monica Fiss & Old Fashioned Love Song (35.9)
Training-A: Allison Springer & Crystal Crescent Moon (27.9)
Training-B: Daniel Clasing & La Zingara (30.7)
Novice-A: Jyl Lavera & Class Action (28.1)
Novice-B: Teagan Lapuk & Sportsfield Goodwill (25.5)
Training/Novice: Hannah Simmons & Ducati III (41.9)
Beginner Novice-A: Jeannine Buhse & Good Juju (31.1)
Beginner Novice-B: Sara Siegel & FHF Screenplay (25.6)
Starter: Carey Adams & Doncella (34.7)

Congrats to all! Go Eventing.