Weekend Score Update

Matthew Brown and BCF Belicoso, FCHP CIC** winners. Photo by Sherry Stewart.

Matthew Brown and BCF Belicoso won the Advanced division at Copper Meadows, shown here winning the CIC2* at Fresno County Horse Park. Photo by Sherry Stewart.

Three events are on-going this weekend: Pine Top Spring HT in Georgia; Feather Creek HT in Oklahoma; and Copper Meadows HT in California.  Here are a few results from divisions that have completed so far.

Feather Creek Farm HT

Preliminary: Out of six starters, only one rider finished.  Two withdrew before cross-country, and no thers made it around.  The detailed cross-country results show many problems at fences 9 and 10.  I’m not sure what happened out there, but congratulations to Nicole Hatley and Ace for making it around!

1. Nicole Hatley / Ace  62.6

Pine Top Spring HT


1. Skylar Norman / Ramble On  49.9

2. Sophie Ochocinski / Pog Mahome  63.2

3. Emily Thompson / Sawyer  88.1

Open Preliminary 1

1. Boyd Martin / Callisto  33.6

2. Ryan Wood / Woodstock Bennett  35.0

Phillip Dutton / Good Enough  39.1

Open Preliminary 2

1. Boyd Martin / Ballyneety  19.6

2. Ryan Wood / Woodstock Wallaby 36.8

3. Sarah Cousins / Folk Hero  40.7

Copper Meadows HT 


1. Matthew Brown / BCF Belicoso  43.7

2. Jennifer McFall / High Times  53.3

3. Jolie Wentworth / Goodknight 62.0


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