Weekend Winners: Areas II and VIII Crown Champions + More!

It’s Area Championship season as we get into the thick of the fall competition calendar, and we saw champions from both Area II and Area VIII take home their prizes over the weekend. Let’s jump right in!

This week’s Unofficial Low Score award was a battle of the 19s, but eventually it was Hannah Reeser and Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier, competing in the Area VIII Beginner Novice Amateur Championship, would took the top honors with a finishing score of 19.3 at Jump Start. Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier is a 2014 Morgan mare, and this pair is no stranger to competitive scores on the flat! Their personal best together came at this same event in 2019, where they earned a 15.5 to win the Beginner Novice Amateur Championship. They also finished third in the same division at this year’s USEA American Eventing Championships, also held at Kentucky Horse Park. Many congratulations, you two!

Coming closely behind Hannah and also finishing on scores in the 19s this week are Adalee Ladwig and Argenta MSF (Jump Start – Area VIII Open Novice Championship) and Julie Augustine and Texas Riddle (Maryland – Area II Novice Championship), who each ended on a score of 19.8. Well done to all!

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Fleur de Leap H.T. (Folsom, La.): [Website] [Results]

Training: Emily Jackson and Southern Reserver ERE (83.7)
Training/Novice: Margaret Morgan and Kegan MacCruise (37.1)
Novice: Kalie Beckers and Calla GBF (28.3)
Novice Junior: Hudsyn Bagwell and Ardeo Mermus Hill (37.4)
Beginner Novice: Ginny Harrison and Romeo Alfa R (31.8)
Beginner Novice Junior: Ann Parker Meyers and Lean Upon Me (34.3)
Novice/Beginner Novice: Hannah Reynolds and Painted Postcard (32.6)
Introductory: Delanie Ward and Wish Upon A Star (37.0)
Starter: McMillan Williams and Misty’s Sorrento Breeze (35.8)
Starter Junior: Victoria Sudkamp and Razzles (32.8)

Jump Start H.T. and Area VIII Championships (Lexington, Ky.): [Website] [Results]

Intermediate Championship: Dan Kreitl and Horales (46.0)
Open Intermediate: Allie Knowles and Street Call (50.7)
Open Preliminary Div 1: Benjamin Noonan and Keep Kitty (30.7)
Open Preliminary Div 2: Liz Halliday-Sharp and FE Caison (24.4)
Preliminary Championship: Maxine Preston and Wants To Be Cooley (32.2)
Open Training: Marty Riney and George Alexander (28.3)
Open Training Championship: Adalee Ludwig and Diego (29.1)
Open Training Junior Championship: Lydia Eifler and Hans Christian (25.0)
Training Amateur Championship: Cora Severs and Cuervo (25.2)
Training Horse: Ciaran Thompson and Ooh La La SCF (29.2)
Training Rider Div 1: Jenny Lackey and Dallo de la Galerna (25.5)
Training Rider Div 2: Micki McDaniel and Magic Artist (30.9)
Novice Amateur Championship: Jane Musselman and Bentley’s Best (25.5)
Novice Horse: Julia Spatt and Uptown Funk (25.7)
Novice Junior Championship: Victoria Baugh and Curioso (28.3)
Novice Rider Div 1: Ansley Whitehouse and Dynamic Knight (32.3)
Novice Rider Div 2: Erin Kowalewski and HSH Lastikko (21.7)
Novice Rider Div 3: Madeline Bletzacker and Landtino S (28.6)
Open Novice: Megan Edwards and Galwaybay HSH (24.1)
Open Novice Championship: Adalee Ladwig and Argenta MSF (19.8)
Beginner Novice Amateur Championship: Hannah Reeser and Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier (19.3)
Beginner Novice Horse: Tate Northrop and Bourbon Boy (26.8)
Beginner Novice Jr. Championship: Maggie Hahn and Duchess (32.0)
Beginner Novice Rider Div 1: Ajay Ryan and Cool Under Fire (32.5)
Beginner Novice Rider Div 2: Lindsay Parsley and Kilkenny Mile (28.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Kaylianna McMorris and Fernhill Future Star (28.0)
Open Beginner Novice Championship: Anika Hawes and Can Do Man (27.3)
Starter Div 1: Brittany Wilson and Playboy (26.3)
Starter Div 2: Danielle Northup and Charley (30.0)
Starter Div 3: Erika Adams and Girl On Fire (28.5)

Larkin Hill H.T. (North Chatham, Ny.): [Website] [Scores]

**Larkin Hill was run as a CT due to weather, and we are told the scoring reflects the final placings. We apologize if any of the results from this show are incorrect!**

Preliminary CT: Booli Selmayr and Carnivale King (28.7)
Training CT: Kate Day and Fortissimo (26.6)
Open Novice A: Emilie Smith and Kildare’s BGS Destination Street (32.6)
Open Novice B: Alexander Conrad and Lexington II (22.6)
Introductory A: Hayden Aureli and Number Nine (33.9)
Introductory B: Miriam Evans and Sunny (24.7)
Open Beginner Novice A: Sophia Grace and Craig Mor Tom (27.0)
Open Beginner Novice B: Alexander Conrad and Sequel (26.5)
Open Beginner Novice C: Morgen M Bowers and Joya de Esmeralda (28.5)

Thank you to Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto for sharing these winner shots from Larkin Hill! Don’t forget to support your show photographers — Larkin Hill riders can order their shots from this weekend here.

The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm + Area II Championships (Adamstown, Md.): [Website] [Results]

Intermediate Championships: Tim Bourke and Quality Explosion (43.4)
Open Intermediate: Anna Loschiavo and Fernhill That Guy Jack (45.9)
Open Preliminary: Ryan Wood and Bellavista (38.9)
Preliminary Championships: Martin Douzant and Olympus (34.0)
Modified A: Holly Shade and Hang on Caitlyn (32.1)
Modified B: Tim Bourke and Kung Fu Quality (35.1)
Modified C: Lindsay Kelley and Plumes (31.9)
Modified Championships: Courtney Cooper and Briarhill Excel Star Take 2 (29.5)
Junior Open Training: Jenna Levesque and Paprika (36.8)
Junior Training Championships: Sydney Sturgill and Papa Pablo (42.4)
Open Training: Lexi Scovil and SH Just For Laughs (23.6)
Training Championships: Ashley Trier and LNJ Encyclopedia (30.2)
Training Rider: Kenya Siepser and Charlie Hustle (41.2)
Junior Novice Championships: Leeci Rowsell and Man of Conviction (30.2)
Junior Open Novice: Catherine Kelly and Cooley Meridian (36.4)
Novice Championships: Julie Augustine and Texas Riddle (19.8)
Novice Rider A: Cassandra Strobel and Weather Advisory (31.2)
Novice Rider B: Alexandria Huber and Willy Wonka (31.7)
Open Novice: Kate Coleman and Calloway (22.4)
Beginner Novice Championships: Rebecca Barber and Here and Now (29.5)
Beginner Novice Rider: Sonja Tucker and Gustav (28.0)
Junior Beginner Novice: Daisy Shumaker and The Magician’s Nephew (38.5)
Junior Beginner Novice Championships: Willow Chase and Diablo (25.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Courtney Cooper and Excel Star Quidam’s Cavalier (24.3)

Middle Tennessee Pony Club H.T. (Nashville, Tn.): [Website] [Results]

Training: Sydney Ayres and Pucon (30.9)
Novice: Chelsea Sawtell and Covenant (24.5)
Beginner Novice A: Kim Clark and Mimi’s Musical (22.3)
Beginner Novice B: Sofie Rhodes and Fly High Harvey (35.9)
Starter A: Anne Dottore and Admiralty (34.0)
Starter B: Olivia Trotter and Corner Oak Loch Lorian (39.3)

Moqui Meadows H.T. (Greeley, Co.): [Website] [Results]

Open Training: Julie Pawlak and Catch Me (39.7)
Open Novice A: Dean Santistevan and Vegas (33.1)
Open Novice B: Kara Miller and Chesterland’s Knockout (31.0)
Open Beginner Novice A: Sarah Richards and LaMarca WF (32.0)
Open Beginner Novice B: Emmy Williams and Fortunate Rebel (31.3)
Introductory A: Madeline Backus and Felix Felicis (23.9)
Introductory B: Lauren Fedorczyk and C3’s Playing With Fire (37.1)

Spokane Sport Horse Seventh Annual Fall H.T. (Spokane, Wa.): [Website] [Results]

CCI3*-S: Stephanie Cooper and Sketchy Past (46.2)
CCI2*-S: Ella Kurtz and Sportsfield Harley Davis (37.7)
Open Intermediate: Ashley Widmer and What Are The Odds (53.0)
Open Preliminary: Karen O’Neal and Clooney 14 (28.5)
Open Modified: Dane Padgett and Cafe Noir (27.8)
Junior Training: Ella Eisenbarth and Bryn Carregwen Serendipity (31.8)
Open Training: Whitney Spicher and Ballon (27.9)
Training Amateur: Kathryn Daniel and de la Renta (28.4)
Training Three-Day: Annie Budiselich and Bff Brushfire (33.5)
Junior Novice: Hanni Sreenan and Enchanted (29.8)
Novice Amateur: Sandy Flowers and Reno’s Lad (29.8)
Open Novice: Devin Robel and Gillou (21.2)
Novice Three-Day: Olivia Murphy and Navigator (26.8)
Beginner Novice Amateur: Emily Morrison and Finn (31.3)
Junior Beginner Novice: Piper Hale and Diavolo (29.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Natalie Sullivan and Liberia (32.3)
Beginner Novice Three-Day: Kady Ellifritz and Yankee Bay (29.7)
Introductory A: Whitney Spicher and Jaguar’s Jewell (26.9)
Introductory B: Kathy Rundhaug and Etched In Copper (38.2)
FEH 2 Year Old: Ghislaine Homan-Taylor and Trilogy (72.9)
FEH 3 Year Old: Tanya Adamson and Idaho’s Icewater (73.7)
FEH 4 Year Old: Mary Burke and Valinteno (73.0)
FEH Yearling: Julie Bishop and TBF Sweet Harmony (69.7)
YEH 4 Year Old: Sarah Sullivan and La Copine (81.6)
YEH 5 Year Old: Lois James and Copper Fox (83.7)

Sundance Farm H.T. (Plymouth, Wi.): [Website] [Results]

Open Preliminary: Rebecca Roth and Chapter Two (31.7)
Open Training: Hannah Boyd and Billy McClusky (25.2)
Novice Rider Junior: Megan Holmes and VC Casandra (25.7)
Novice Rider Senior: Cathrine Wunderlich and Concatulations (30.2)
Open Novice: Lauren Miller and Beau’s My Daddy (30.2)
Beginner Novice Junior: Morgan Peterson and Tiz Vivid (29.0)
Beginner Novice Senior: Alexandra Walters and Wrenaissance (28.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Kenneth Dierks and Forget To Remember (34.3)
Starter A: Christy Schlough and Vanquish (33.0)
Starter B: Keileen Driscoll and White Gold (31.4)

Willow Draw Charity Show (Weatherford, Tx.): [Website] [Results]

Open Training: Rebecca Brown and Fe Chiara Mia (30.9)
Training Rider: Courtney Kurlger and Eagle Rising (33.4)
Novice Rider Junior: Scarlett Peinado and 50 Shades of Envy (31.0)
Novice Rider Senior: Ashton Jones and CMF Rembrandt (37.4)
Open Novice: Laura McEvoy and Visconti (28.3)
Beginner Novice Rider Junior: Avery Stroud and Valedictorian (31.5)
Beginner Novice Rider Senior: Anna Hailey and Roma (32.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Hannah Corlett and Mac Creiche (26.8)
Starter: Kamran Fatehdin and Native Black Label (36.6)