Weekend Winners: Coconino, Maryland, Champagne Run, Huntington Farm, Genesee Valley Hunt

Every event on the USEA calendar is special in its own way, and I love learning about their histories and hearing stories from events past. A great resource for this is the USEA’s Events A-Z series, which is 90 events strong and counting. I think they’re up to “R” now with still a good chunk left to go, a testament to how active the eventing scene in our country has become.

We love sharing YOUR stories about what makes your favorite events so special here on EN. For instance: Brant Gamma’s photo essay on South Farm H.T. in Middlefield, Ohio, which we shared on EN yesterday. I’ve never had the pleasure of attending that particular event personally, but I felt like I got to experience the venue vicariously through Brant’s words and vibrant images. (View more images from South Farm at Brant’s website here.)

Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto is another photographer who has been generous in sharing her photos with EN. She’s always quick to send us winner photos or a selection of photos to use in a “Who Jumped It Best?” feature. She’ll often send a note about the event as well; this weekend she was out and about at Huntington Farm H.T. in South Strafford, Vermont, another event with a long-running legacy — the first horse trials on the property took place in 1969! “So cool to have all that history on the property and still be running today!” Joan says. We thank Joan for sharing photos from the event, which you can view below.

An extra special congratulations to our lowest scoring winners in the country this weekend, both of them from Champagne Run H.T. at the Kentucky Horse Park: Sherry Pound with Gestalt, winners of the Senior Beginner Novice Rider-B division, and Erin Buckner with Picassi, winners of the Junior Beginner Novice Rider-B division. Both finished on an impressive penalty score of 21.8.

It was a long way to come, glad we didn’t balls it up. Thanks to Carsten Meyer and Clark Montgomery👍😁

Posted by Sherry Pound on Sunday, July 14, 2019

Your weekend winners:

Huntington Farm H.T. [Final Scores]
OP: Kylie Lyman & Gran Corazon Bf (40.1)
JT: Ayden Schain & Pyxylated Magic (33.1)
OTA: Barbara Fitch & Donte (28.6)
OTB: Paige Vezina & Irish Sea (31.2)
JN: Annabelle Sprague & Meadowlark (29.8)
ONA: Bryn Lauer & Dare to Dream (31.9)
ONB: Katie Murphy & Joshua Tree (26.0)
ONS: Bevin Dugan & North Star (33.7)
JBNA: Benjamin Carlan & Don’s Grey Galvin (32.2)
JBNB: Hannah Williams & Turnup (29.8)
OBNA: Samantha Baer & Aurora Borealis (31.1)
OBNB: Lisa Niccolai & Celtic Kharacter (32.2)
OBNC: Thomas Davis & Boston Bullet (28.6)

Coconino Summer II Classic 3DE & H.T. [Final Scores]
Advanced CT: Katherine Rivera & Royal Lufttanzer (35.4)
Open Intermediate: James Atkinson & Fleur de Lis (37.4)
Preliminary CT: Brittany Flynn & Cabarette Z (34.0)
Open Preliminary-Training: Summer Peterson & Lochlann Fiona (51.9)
Training Open: Taylor Timmerman & Snifters Spirit (27.5)
Training Rider: Angelika Beutel & Alwin (24.1)
Training 3-Day: Jennifer Miller & Bon Bon (30.0)
Novice Junior: Natalie Nabor & Lonely Soldier (27.9)
Novice Rider: Tatiana Larson & Eloquent (25.0)
Open Novice: Angelika Beutel & O’Sullivan (25.0)
Novice 3-Day: Leslie Villela & Diesel (27.4)
Beginner Novice Rider: Heather McWilliams & Southern Soiree (26.3)
Open Beginner Novice: Angela Carmitchel & Dubai Kalei (30.5)
Beginner Novice 3-Day: Eileen Morgenthaler & Chicago GS (23.6)
Open Intro: Max O’Krepki & Hazlewood (31.9)

Maryland Summer II H.T. [Final Scores]
Open Intermediate-A: Sara Kozumplik Murphy & Devil Munchkin (25.9)
Open Intermediate-B: Sharon White & Claus 63 (35.4)
Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary: Sloane Pierpont & Indie (32.2)
Open Preliminary-A: Charlotte Collier & Fidelius 35 (31.3)
Open Preliminary-B: Kurt Martin & D.A. Lifetime (24.5)
Preliminary Rider: Zehra Gundogan & Captivate (28.9)
Junior Open Training: Stephanie Cordell & Codename Toby (29.5)
Modified-A: Julia Luce & A Proper Gentleman (34.5)
Modified-B: Kimmy Cecere & Carrowgar Crannagh Hugo (27.4)
Open Training-A: Stephanie Sills & Mille Neuf Cent (25.7)
Open Training-B: Mia Farley & Northern Victory (27.4)
Open Training-C: Ryan Wood & Ben Nevis (28.3)
Training Rider-A: Julie Miller & Chalie (32.6)
Training Rider-B: Cindi Moravec & Holloway (32.8)
Junior Open Novice-A: Olivia Dutton & Iniesta (33.6)
Junior Open Novice-B: Kate Thresher & Silver Bop (31.2)
Novice Rider-A: Lucia Scarpinato & West Wind Z (31.1)
Novice Rider-B: Sadie Phifer & Gusty Day (26.2)
Open Novice-A: Elizabeth Olmstead & Waterline (26.2)
Open Novice-B: Francesca Broggini & Esuberanza (29.8)
Open Novice-C: Courtney Olmstead & Douce (26.2)
Open Novice-D: Mogie Bearden-Muller & Quebracho Z (24.3)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Allison Schroeder & Third Time’s A Charm (32.8)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Sheri Birmingham & Sterling’s Bailero (29.2)
Junior Open Beginner Novice-A: Kelsey Ann Quinn & Sir Winsome (28.3)
Junior Open Beginner Novice-B: Berkley Gardner & Chillie (32.2)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Michele Kuchta & Cadillac Boy (26.4)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Autumn Rae & Che Bella (28.3)
Future Event Horse – Two Year Old: Emeraude Sharer & Ciel d’Emeraude
Future Event Horse – Three Year Old: Caitlin Kuczynski & VH St. Kohltrane
Future Event Horse – Yearling: Ivan Espada & Arden Nike
New Event Horse: Sabrina Morris & Be Audacious
Young Event Horse – Four Year Old: Michael Pendleton & Mystic Fair
Young Event Horse – Five Year Old: Cornelia Dorr & Brush Dance

Champagne Run at the Park H.T. [Final Scores]
Intermediate/Preliminary: Alexandra Knowles & Looks Like Lotte (39.9)
JYO Preliminary: Madeline O’Brien & Casarino (26.5)
Open Preliminary: Rebecca Hoos & Donnerstorm II (31.5)
Preliminary Rider: Maria Moraniec & Ditch (34.8)
Preliminary/Training: Nicole Aden & Illustrator (30.8)
Junior Training Rider: Kate Kirchdorfer & Galway Bay Cooley (29.8)
Open Training: Alexa Ehlers & FE Clear The Calendar (24.2)
Senior Training Rider-A: Seth Cooley & CRMightyAbleZaneGrey (42.6)
Senior Training Rider-B: Nicole Kowalski & BallinAgore Knight (26.4)
Training Horse: Jennifer Coleman & SS Willow (26.1)
Training/Novice: Melanie Helms & R Pair A Dice (32.5)
Junior Novice Rider-A: Grace Fiedler & Fanfare VT (30.2)
Junior Novice Rider-B: Isabel Brunker & Allia (26.2)
Novice Horse-A: Erin Pullen & Koko Chanel (28.1)
Novice Horse-B: Megan Moore & Master Higgins (27.1)
Open Novice: Bonnie Bowman & Steel Driven Dreams (25.0)
Senior Novice Rider-A: Kelly Rover & Fifth Avenue (24.1)
Senior Novice Rider-B: Carla Jimmerson & Valley Creek Carlin LeBeau (23.3)
Junior BG Novice Rider-A: Macie Sykes & Delilah’s Boy (27.5)
Junior BG Novice Rider-B: Erin Buckner & Picassi (21.8)
Junior BG Novice Rider-C: Sally Smedley & Golden Ticket CR (30.8)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Hannah Reeser & Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier (22.0)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Erin Wages & Light the Lights (29.3)
Senior BG Novice Rider-A: Cathrine Wunderlich & Concatulations (28.5)
Senior BG Novice Rider-B: Sherry Pound & Gestalt (21.8)
JR Starter: Hannah Tabor & Tator Chip (30.0)
SR Starter-A: Meriah Senogles & Wallador EVN (30.6)
SR Starter-B: Shannon Reed & Inherbiggirlpants (27.8)

Genesee Valley Hunt H.T. [Final Scores]
Open Modified: Lucien Rouse & Stravinsky (42.7)
Open Training: Daisy Trayford & Milo Diamond (38.1)
Open Novice A: Farley Wagner & In The Groove (32.4)
Open Novice B: Sarah Kirk & Bogart (36.2)
Open Novice C: Lilly Johnsen & Wilson (34.7)
Open BNovice A: Corrinne Lauze & Anam Cara (30.8)
Open BNovice B: Lilli Smith & Wild For Summer (27.0)
Open BNovice C: Bonnie Alves & Escujour RGS (30.3)
Open BNovice D: Anne Eilinger & Bruichladdich (28.8)
Open Intro A: Carol Kozlowski & Kieran (34.8)

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!