Weekend Winners: Full Gallop, Galway Downs & Rocking Horse Winter I

Eventers threw down this weekend in Altoona, FL., Aiken, S.C. and Temecula, CA. Let’s see who won what.

Jane Musselman & Engapore are the unofficial low score winners of the week after finishing on a 19.1 in the Open Novice B at Rocking Horse. This partnership has earned this recognition a number of times. If we had EN award for most low scoring finishes, Jane would likely win it. Well done!

Full Gallop Farm H.T.Final Scores
Preliminary: Arden Wildasin & Sunday Times (38.6)
Preliminary/Training: Grace Montgomery & Fernhill Wonder (27.7)
Training: Woodge Fulton & Irie (31.5)
Training/Novice:  Mellisa Warden & Unfolding Blame (29.5)
Novice A: Alexander Conrad & Cooley Caviar (26.2)
Novice B: Sara Gumbiner & Harmony HPF (27.1)
Beginner Novice A:  Alexander Conrad & El Paso III (28.6)
Beginner Novice B: Alexander Conrad & Cearney (23.6)
Starter:  Kaitlin Hartford & FGF Gumdrop’s Chiclet (44.6)

Galway Downs Winter H.T.: Final Scores
Advanced/Intermediate: Erin Kellerhouse & Woodford Reserve (36.3)
Open Intermediate: Tamra Smith & Solaguayre California (37.9)
Open Preliminary: Tamra Smith & MaiStein (38.4)
Open Training: Megan McIver & Dasset Whisper (22.4)
Senior Training Rider: Mackenzie Davison & Balla Ruan (36.2)
Junior Training Rider: Morgan Taylor & The Sun Feels Good (31)
Open Novice: Bari Boersma & Smarty Pants GWF (23.6)
Senior Novice Rider: Jennifer Achilles & Excel Star Lance (26.4)
Junior Novice Rider: Eva Herbert & Bodestar (30.3)
Open Beginner Novice: Erin Kellerhouse & Bridgestone Dezhou (23.9)
Beginner Novice Rider: Sabrina Teater & Get Busy (31.9)
Open Introductory: Amelie Kelsall & Mommy’s Ferrari (31.1)

Rocking Horse Winter I H.T.: Final Scores
Open Intermediate A: Bruce Davidson Jr. & Erroll Gobey (26.6)
Open Intermediate B: Bruce Davidson Jr. & Carlevo (28.7)
Open Intermediate A Friday: Lauren Nicholson & Landmark’s Monte Carlo (32.1)
Open Intermediate B Friday: Lauren Nicholson & Paramount Importance (36.9)
Intermediate Rider: Megan Betzel & Valhar (42.7)
Intermediate/Preliminary: Sarah Ertl & Global Showtime (21.9)
Open Preliminary A: William Ward III & Grando (30.2)
Open Preliminary B: Ariel Grald & Isla de Coco (30.4)
Open Preliminary A One Day: Elisa Wallace & Let It Be Lee (32.6)
Open Preliminary B One Day: Kendal Lehari & Iron Lorde (26.8)
Preliminary Horse: Lesley Grant-Law & Castle Howard Romeo (32.6)
Preliminary Rider A: Hannah Warner & Drombane Dynamite (29.3)
Preliminary Rider B: Rylee Gailey & Dukes Up (31.7)
Preliminary/Training: Christina Henriksen & CIERRA (24.6)
Open Training A: Sophie Miller & Quarlotta C (30.2)
Open Training B: Kendyl Tracy & HSH Golden Boy (21.7)
Open Training C: Hugh Wrigley & FE Santos (21.4)
Training Horse A: Karl Slezak & Chevalier (30.7)
Training Horse B: Ashley Trier & Quality Vintage (30)
Senior Training Rider A: Audra Alland & Delana Lady Wolf (34.8)
Senior Training Rider B: Claire Strehlow & Seabanks Theygo (36.4)
Junior Training Rider: Kelsey Seidel & Forever Lookey (28.8)
Open Novice A: Lauren Nicholson & Carbon Copy Z (24.5)
Open Novice B: Jane Musselman & Engapore (19.1)
Novice Horse A: Clayton Fredericks & FE In The Sun (23.6)
Novice Horse B: Anna Loschiavo & Contefino Grande (23.7)
Novice Horse C: Ronald Zabala-Goetschel & Wise Pirello (31.6)
Senior Novice Rider: Henley Fletcher & Fernhill Harley (30)
Junior Novice Rider: Kiera Kenny & FE Chardonnay (23)
Open Beginner Novice A: Mia Farley & Newtown Lewellyn (27.2)
Open Beginner Novice B: Cemone Rovira & Bear (31.7)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Morgan Mindrebo & Alexander (26.7)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Sarah Egel & My Lucky Irish (28.9)